IIBAT delivers a wide scope of harmonised GMP testing services and seamless regulatory acceptance.

We help farmers by collecting data and providing insight into soil and crop health, fertilisation, feed value and food safety. As a leading laboratory, we provide innovative analyses and clear, case-specific advice, to help manage the production process.

  • Organizing field trials (in-house and outstation) to conduct bioefficacy, compatibility, phytotoxicity, residue and dissipation studies for agrochemicals, plant growth regulators and organic manures.
  • Studies are undertaken in greenhouses to evaluate seed germination, non-target plant toxicity and vegetative vigour test as per OECD guidelines.
  • Organising programmes for farmers, towards plant protection measures.
  • Collection of weather data using Automatic weather recording station
  • Primary culture collections and maintenance of biopesticides with relevant toxicological information.
  • In vitro studies for efficacy, analytical tests, container content compatibility, and shelf life.
  • Evaluation for efficacy, compatibility, phytotoxicity, residue and dissipation studies under field conditions.