Analytical Chemistry


We are a leading provider of product development consultancy and technical support to the crop protection industry.

IIBAT offers a broad spectrum of analytical services needed for the registration of your substances. These include crop residue studies, processed fractions, environmental fate, ecotoxicology, plant/soil metabolism, product chemistry, and exposure studies using state of the art instrumentation.

  • Method Development and Validation
  • Chemical Composition Studies/Chemical Equivalence Studies
  • Residue Studies in Food and Agricultural Products, Biological and Tissue Samples
  • Dissipation Studies
  • Physicochemical Studies
  • Formulation Analysis
  • Characterization Studies
  • e-Fate Studies in Plant, Water and Soil and Metabolite Identification
  • Storage Stability Studies, Stability to Metal and Metal Ions
  • Leaching Study
  • Bioaccumulation in Fish
  • Kinetics, Photolysis and Hydrolysis
  • Adsorption/Desorption
  • BOD/COD Determination
  • Biodegradability Studies
  • Explodability and Flammability Studies
  • Evaluation of Biocide Products
  • Multisite Residue Studies