Mammalian Toxicology

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We are committed to enhancing animal welfare based on biological facts and scientific evidence.

We work with the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) with CPCSEA guidelines. The dedicated veterinarians directly manage husbandry practices, policies, and procedures to ensure that all animal use is performed in accordance with the highest standards.

  • Dedicated facilities for housing, breeding and experimental activities.
  • Robust animal health monitoring programs.
  • Contaminant analysis of animal feed, water and bedding material.
  • Enrichment materials and devices to improve the physical, psychological and social well-being of animals.
  • Routine inspection of facilities and animals by veterinarians, QAU, scientists and IAEC members.
  • Controlled environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light, pressure and air changes).
  • Regular training and evaluation of personnel in animal management.
  • Monitoring for, and early recognition of discomfort or distress, and providing appropriate veterinary care.