Plant Pathology


IIBAT delivers a wide scope of harmonised GMP testing services and seamless regulatory acceptance.

We help farmers by collecting data and providing insight into soil and crop health, fertilisation, feed value and food safety. As a leading laboratory, we provide innovative analyses and clear, case-specific advice, to help manage the production process.

  • Primary culture collections and maintenance of biopesticides viz., Trichoderma viride, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Bacillus subtilis, Beauveria bassiana, Verticillium lecanii, Metarhizium anisopliae with relevant toxicological information.
  • In vitro studies of biopesticides for efficacy, analytical test, container content compatibility and shelf life.
  • Evaluation of fungicides for efficacy, compatibility, phytotoxicity, residue and dissipation studies under field conditions.
  • Evaluation of biocontrol agents (Plant disease control) for efficacy under field conditions.
  • Production of quality mushroom spawn (Oyster & Milky mushroom).