IIBAT offers a range of GLP–Compliant General Toxicology and Risk Assessment processes.

Oral, Dermal, Inhalation, Intravenous, Intradermal, Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Intraperitoneal, Intranasal, and Ocular routes of administration available for Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, and Rabbits.

  • Acute Toxicity Studies
  • Dermal Irritation Study
  • Eye Irritation Study
  • Skin Sensitization Study
  • Inhalation Toxicity Study
  • Local Lymph Node Assay
  • Carcinogenicity Studies
  • In vitro Skin Corrosion/Irritation Studies
  • Abnormal Toxicity Study
  • Immunotoxicity Studies
  • Range-finding Toxicity Studies
  • Subchronic Toxicity Studies
  • Chronic Toxicity Studies
  • Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Studies